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We all know that weddings can be incredibly expensive!! It is overwhelming to think about how much we spend on the big day. I, like you, am always on the hunt trying to find ways to save money while keeping things fun! I want a good deal without it looking cheap! There are many ways to save money. The first step is prioritising what is important to you. Then you can really get creative on the things that you are not so bothered about! Websites like are great as they are full of gorgeous ideas! Here are some tips of my own....


I won't lie, fresh flowers are gorgeous and are hard to replace! But if you cannot justify spending a small fortune on an item that wont last past the day then there are loads of ideas! For starters you can hit your local flower markets and get your friends together for some DIY Bouquet making!! My personal favourite though has to be Paper Bouquets!! There are many crafty people worldwide making these beauties! My incredibly talented sister is also trialling her Paper Flower making skills so I may be able to get her on the case for my big day!! I do believe with some practice and tips these will be a great DIY idea too!

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Ok, this all depends how you feel about Wedding Cake. I am not too fussed either way since everyone normally eats desert and leaves the cake sitting there yet they can cost so much!! I have decided since I am going with the whole Vintage Carnival Theme for our Wedding that we will most likely go with this quirky take on a Cup Cake Wedding Tower. The Donut Wedding Cake!!

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That is not going to be everyone's taste though! I know there are more traditional people out there! So why not buy a gorgeous plain iced cake for a fraction of the price and stick one of our cute Cake Toppers on the top!! Tie a cute bow around it, add some fresh flowers and Voila!! We have a great variety of Cake Toppers to choose from.


And last but not least is my absolute favourite! The Cheese Wedding Cake!!! More and more specialty cheese stores are starting to make these, otherwise you can DIY. They look so gorgeous and once you have made your wish, it can be cut up to make delicious cheese platters for the tables! Almost a whole extra course!!


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Photo Booths....

I do absolutely love the idea of some good ole Photo Booth fun!! But after doing some research I have realised that most can be incredibly expensive too! There are many ways to recreate the same fun! Why not create a space in your venue that has a nice wall and create a great looking backdrop for quirky photo's? We also sell some gorgeous personalised backdrops like this one...


That way you can have the cute space set up and utilize your Photographer or a friend to take some happy snaps of you and your guests!

There are also many props you can buy! Again Etsy have so many fun props to play with! Even against a plain white backdrop this can work really well and have the same effect as a crazy booth!


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Or why not invest in a basic Polaroid Camera and get your guests to take photos of eachother being a bit crazy and then get them to write messages on the bottom part so that it can be incorporated in to a Guest Book!!


Last but not least, to save even more money, enter the code "Bridezilla" at the end of our Checkout Process to get 10% off storewide!! Yay!!!

Well that is it for now! I am still early days in to my own Wedding Planning process but I promise to keep you updated on any other Bargains/Tips that I come across! If you think a little outside the square then there will always be a great alternative! And to be honest I actually love the Budget ideas WAY BETTER!!! Happy Wedding Planning!!!! x


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